Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Leftist New Mantra

"Mr. Obama’s problem now is that people think he is smart. 
They think, as they look at his health-care vows, that either he didn’t know how bad his program was, what dislocations it would cause, what a disturbance it would be to the vast middle class of America . . .
Or he knew, and deliberately misled everyone.
If they thought he wasn’t very bright, they might give him some leeway on that question. But they think he’s really smart.
So they think he knew.  And deliberately misled." - Peggy Noonan/ WSJ


  1. He must be the smartest man in the universe. He got people to blindly support him as they bend over and he inserts ............

  2. Obama smart? LMAO! No he is sly, deceitful and cunning like a fox. He is a man of medium intelligence only, as proved by his many faux pas like 57 states and Marine Corpse and so on. The LIVs may never wake up to that fact. Also the fact he has never done one damn thing but maybe organize a bake sale in Chicago.

  3. Obama is dumb as a stump. He always reminded me of the Ted Knight character on the Mary Tyler Moore show. The ones who are smart, or think they are, are the ones who put him out there, trained him, paid off the press, and created an image. They skillfully blocked access to any information on his past other than his two phony autobiographies. Who would hide good grades at top universities? Obama was and is the Manchurian Candidate. His current aspirations to do a sports commentary are about all he is really capable of, so long as someone else writes his lines and puts them on a teleprompter. He is a really good reader.