Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unscripted Moments Aboard Air Force One…

George Bush: Holy Alamo, Barack! What part of protect and defend the Constitution don’t you get?

Barack Obama: I see his lips moving but I don’t hear a thing this white boy is saying to me..uhhh..wonder if there’ll be a fundraiser for me when I get back.

Laura Bush: Why is President Obama’s babysitter on Air Force One?

Lady at the end of the table: You need to brighten up, Michelle! You look like someone dumped a box of tacks down your panty hose.

Valerie Jarrett: It’s good to be king….my preciousssss.

Talk Straight

* This is a telling photo in itself as to why our country is in such a mess. Seated at the table are the three most influential  people in Barack Obama's Life. 
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