Monday, January 6, 2014

Better Off Being A Plumber

via sig94
"Since 2011, humanities majors at UCLA are forcibly disassociated from classic Western European thinkers (mean old dead white guys) and force fed the Newspeak socialist, gender-sensitive, hand wringing BS that passes for history in liberal colleges. These colleges are poisoning the minds of our children; they are slam dunking future generations into useless automatons who cannot think outside the herd."
From The American Thinker:
"Where previously, undergrads would have to take one course studying Chaucer, two for Shakespeare, and one on Milton, a "revolt" by junior faculty forced "a mandate that all English majors take a total of three courses in the following four areas: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Disability and Sexuality Studies; Imperial, Transnational, and Post-colonial Studies; genre studies, interdisciplinary studies, and critical theory; or creative writing...."
The implications are frightening. This trend will not reverse itself. People who get postgraduate degrees in gender studies or post-colonial exploitation are only able to find employment in liberal colleges, or else in establishments that require the placement of frozen hamburger patties on a hot surface.

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  1. My son graduated from the University of Washington with an early version of this curriculum. I am totally appalled at his total ignorance of history, literature, and basic science, all of which were a essential part of my degrees. I am a strong supporter of David Horowitz's drive to reform the universities and force them to balance the curriculum and representation on their faculties. Diversity of ideas, in my opinion, has far more of place in the university classroom than diversity of race or gender.