Saturday, January 4, 2014

Researchers Use Social Media to Try and Find Time Travelers

No Doubt Funded with Grant Money from Your Pocket
PC Mag
In a bit of news from the "we really studied this?" department, researchers from Michigan Technological University have taken a gander at various social media postings in an effort to determine whether any were made by people who would have otherwise had no knowledge of the future events they described in their posts.
If that sounds about as confusing as a flux capacitor, consider the logic: If person A posted some absurdly precise information on Facebook, for example, and that data turned out to be exactly true, then it's reasoned that said person either got extremely lucky, had advance knowledge of the event, or is presumably from a future time period (Great Scott!)
We'll let authors Robert J. Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson explain their three big methods for using social media in an attempt to prove time travel: 

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