Monday, February 17, 2014

Behind The Scenes, Democrats Dropping Obama Like An Empty Chair…

They're running for the hills, and rightly so.....
"Some in the Mainstream Media are well aware of the behind the scenes infighting that is reaching boiling point proportions among leading Democrats, but have chosen not to report on it. This is exactly the scenario R.I. indicated was happening during a number of Capitol Update reports on this blog. While Barack Obama remains aloof, and unwilling to engage in the actual work of governing, party leaders are scrambling to keep unity among their rank and file, with decreasing success. The anger among DEMOCRATS toward Barack Obama is both very real, and in some cases, bordering on outright rage as their political careers are now evaporating before their own eyes due in no small measure to the Obama White House and its parade of incompetent indifference."
Washington Examiner
"The divisions surfaced behind closed doors Friday when Mr. Obama visited House Democrats at their annual retreat in Cambridge, Md., for a party pep talk. What Mr. Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden encountered instead was entrenched opposition to the administration’s pursuit of a huge free-trade agreement with 12 Pacific Rim nations.
Mr. Biden was talking privately to lawmakers about the importance of Mr. Obama’s “pivot” to Asia when he addressed the subject of giving the president fast-track authority to negotiate a pending deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Democratic lawmakers are adamantly opposed to trade promotion authority after taking a cue from labor allies who fear a loss of union jobs....." 

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