Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Plugster and the Presidency

"In the deep south, where I live, people are known for saying “hey watch this” before they do something incredibly dumb.
In that spirit, when our man of the people VP Joe utters the words, “Hey America, watch this” we will know for sure that the Biden 2016 presidential campaign train has left the station.
 The only positive that could come out of a Biden bid for the Oval Office is that he would, if he wants to win,  primary Cankles and subsequently bludgeon her to death with questions about Benghazi.

Or, maybe this whole thing is a cruel prank on us all and he just loaded up a shotgun with this absurd President Biden idea and fired it out the door because he heard reality rustling around in the bushes."
Defy The Narrative 

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