Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have Pant Suits - Will Travel

Publisher Simon & Schuster said Wednesday Hillary Clinton's will release a new book on  June 10  about her time flying around the world pretending to be Secretary of State, with candid reflections about key moments (?) during her time in office. Clinton's book has been widely anticipated by her supporters.

The former first lady and New York senator is already a best-selling author: Her 2003 memoir, "Living History," ( another book she didn't write) sold more than 1 million copies. 

The book will address the "rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world" and 21st century challenges from "Crimea to climate change" and to help keep her name in the news as she teases the public while pretending to contemplate a second run for the White House. The volume  is said to contain "vivid personal anecdotes" about her relationship with Barack Obama and her behind-the-scenes interactions with world leaders (I especially can't wait for the part about being falling down drunk and knocking herself out boarding her flight).

As of now, no title has been chosen,(attention Big Fur Hat) but the title "112 Countries and It’s Still All About My Hair” has been floated as a working title. The book is still unfinished, some embellishments still to be made.

For those interested in the thoughts and machinations of someone with no major accomplishments in 5 years can visit  Simon & Schuster's  'Hillary Clinton Memoir Website' to be met with a scary (I've been warned) oversize mugshot of Hillary and pre-order the book HERE.

Not to be outdone, Clinton's chief rival for the democrat nomination in 2016, Vice President Joe Biden, is working on his own massive tome of his time as Senator and VP entitled "Smokin' Joe: The man Who Could Spell Potato"


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