Friday, April 4, 2014

Hillary Struggles To List Accomplishments During Her Tenure as Secretary of State

Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women of the World Summit in New York City and was asked what she was most proud of during her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton gave vague answers and could not provide any one concrete example of an accomplishment of the administration's foreign policy she holds in high regard.

 Clinton Seen Here Inspecting 21st Century State of the Art Chinese Noodle Technology 

We thought we'd help refresh her memory a bit:

1. Allowed 4 Americans to be brutally  killed in Benghazi.

2. Lost valuable ally as the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt

3. Watched as Military coup replaces Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

4. Watched as Libya falls into tribal and terrorist factions

5. Stood by as Libyan weapons spread to middle east

6. Stood by as genocide racked Syria, couldn't figure which side to take

7. Allowed Iran to continue development of nuclear weapons

8. Allowed relationship with Israel to deteriorate

9. Allowed Iran’s thugocracy to crush/brutalize people’s protest over elections

10. Allowed North Korea to continue development and testing of nuclear weapons and extort west for food and oil.



Clinton failed to produce any major diplomatic agreements, so what exactly did she do but fly around the world on government aircraft? 

And What's Up With This????
"The State Department has no idea what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors. In a special “management alert” made public Thursday, the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years."  

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