Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Computer Browser for Cats

From the makers of the famously innovative Opera Browser comes a first-of-its-kind browser carefully crafted for domestic felines. Introducing Cats by Opera, a browser  for mobile devices that is tail-or made for your cats.

Huib Kleinhout, Head of the Cats team at Opera, had this to say about Opera’s latest innovative project:
“So much of the stuff on the internet is based around cats, but there is no browser for cats to experience this. We realized we had to fix this. We make browsers for a living, and cuddle with our cats in the evening. They have tiny paws, so accuracy can be a real problem for them. We haven’t just scaled an interface and thrown some features into the browser, but we’ve really tried to think how the perfect browser for cats would look. I think we’ve got it right, and, today, the result is in the Opera Cat Store.
Cats by Opera brings more innovation through the internet cat-flap door:

* TongueTouch® interface: Optimized to respond to the slightest of screen licks, for easy scrolling.

* PawPredict® feature: Intelligent interpretation of internet adresses and searches as entered by our feline friends, translating adresses such as “34lkr34tottttt4<<<….uuuu” into “www.catnip4u.com” when walking across the iPad keyboard.

* Catified Speed Dial: Cats by Opera features easy-to click Speed Dial entries, an Opera Software innovation, with quick access to selected cat content or for easy shortcuts to your cats’ own favorite sites.

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