Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey Progressives - Meet Your Candidate for Crony in Chief.

Bad News for Anti-Capitalist Lefties 
29 of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average index companies 
have given money to Hillary

Nick Sorrentino

Obama, while striking at the heart of capitalism through his policies, raked in millions in contributions while propping up the very people forking over the money. (they used to call it kickbacks). But Hilary Clinton is taking things to a new level. She is tight with the banks, big pharma, defense, you name it. She watched the Glass-Steagall Act twitch and die (which ultimately led to the present economic disaster) at her husband’s hand from the guilded confines of the White House. She is a what is call a crony capitalist through and through.

And yet I am absolutely sure that throngs of “progressives” are going to run around the country with “Ready for Hillary” t-shirts. They will loudly exclaim how Hillary is wonderful for the country and how she is doing so much for women.
The bet is that no matter how corrupt, no matter how much the country doesn’t need a Clinton dynasty to continue,   Madam Clinton may well, if she chooses to run, be elected because she is the first viable woman candidate.

But despite the cheers and tears we might see on election night 2016 from those who will herald Ms. Clinton’s election as “historic” and “progress” it will be another sad day for the republic. The business/government nexus will become even stronger. The state will become stronger. Our liberties will diminish. The powerful will become more powerful. And the little guy will get screwed once again.

Meet Hillary Clinton your candidate for Crony in Chief.

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