Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Reinvigorated Thought Police

In the space of just a few weeks, the quality of American freedom has been cheapened and its future made uncertain by a renewed assault of left-wingers bent on having their own way and running roughshod over all other opinions in the process.  
This intolerance is political. It is issue-driven. It is meant to ensure a leftist agenda prevails despite legality, logic or popular support. They often exaggerate their claims of support by quoting phony polls and statistics said to reinforce their views. 

Despite liberal declarations in 2008 that America was entering a “post-racial” era, the race card seems to be played more than every. Free speech through political contributions (from conservatives, at least) is under fire even though the U.S. Supreme Court, for one, continues to invalidate onerous campaign finance restrictions.  
Americans who have spoken out on the issues of traditional marriage have found themselves attacked, protested and forced out of public and private positions they have earned on merit because they dare to hold views counter to the mob.

These leftist have sought to imprint their opinions on America through the media, public institutions and schools. Anyone who is found to hold beliefs counter to theirs are smeared as racist, traditionalist, sexist or homophobic because what this evil minority has not yet been able to do is stop the exchange of ideas that Americans have come to appreciate and is still guaranteed by our Constitution.


  1. Jan, well said. If it is anti-God, anti-Ten Commandments, anti-sanctity of life, anti-Captalist, anti-Constitution or immoral the progressive left is behind it 100%. My problem I can't quite figure out what the progressive left is striving for? Equal shared misery across the board for all Americans? The Detroitification for all America?

    1. I've come to the conclusion all liberals are missing their 15th Chromosome.

    2. Well, based on the results, I'd chalk it up to demonic possession.

      Well said, indeed, Jam. They are thugs, plain and simple.

    3. Crap, I meant "Jan," not "Jam." Pardon the dain bramage. ;)

  2. As in the words of that "Great" Mayor on New York, "Let them eat Nothing!"

  3. MadJack - in all honesty, I do believe it is either simple possession, as the Grunt pointed out, or a mental illness that is the ultimate example of the self hatred that leads kids to cut themselves or engage in other such behavior. The obvious end goal is the destruction of all human life, but they lack the courage or conviction for a mass Jonestown, so they want to engineer policies and programs that will do the job for them.