Saturday, June 7, 2014

Living the Good Life Compliments of the American Taxpayers

 Khairullozhon Matanov - Pal of Boston Bombers the Tsarnaev Brothers

Which group of undocumented is enjoying a softer retirement here in the U.S. — illegal aliens or “political refugees”? Until recently, I would have said illegals. But then I realized, being a “political refugee,” or an asylum seeker, can be pretty damn sweet too. Why else would Obama's late Auntie Zeituni have bothered to change her status from illegal to refugee?

Now we have more evidence, in the case of Khairullozhon Matanov, pal of the leeching Tsarnaev brothers.

Matanov, a 
Quincy  Mass. Taxi Driver, was arrested last week on charges of obstruction of justice, accused of allegedly destroying computer documents in an attempt to hide his relationship with the Tsarnaev brothers.  Last Friday in court, he demanded a public defender, because he was “indigent.” They’re all indigent now. When you haven’t paid for a thing since you arrived on these shores with the huddled masses, yearning for everything free, you’re damn sure not going to actually hire a lawyer.

But now we find out that this “Quincy cabbie,” Matanov, between 2010 and 2013 made 114 wire transfers overseas, for a total of more than $71,000. Oddly, this “Quincy cabbie” used aliases when he was mailing cash back to his Third World hellholes — Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Greece. He sent the cash to 15 different individuals. Who knew the taxi business was that good in Quincy Mass.

When Obama and Gov. Deval are giving these foreign terrorists everything, like Section 8 housing, EBT cards and MassHealth etc., etc., why would you ever spend your own money when you could use it to build bombs to blow up the infidels who feed you?

It’s amazing how well these savages live over here in the Great Satan. 

(100 Percent Fed Up)


  1. Greece is a "3rd world hellhole"? I've never been to a more beautiful place than the Greek Islands...

    1. Every seen the Muslim quarters in Larissa? Makes Detroit look like Disneyland.

  2. Gotta back her up on this, RR. The Med will always be beautiful, but even the better parts of mainland Greece would put Swiss tourists in apoplectic shock. And now it's downright dangerous for foreigners since the financial crises of the last few years.

  3. Maybe things will change when we get that Mooslimb King Obama out of the White House.