Sunday, June 1, 2014

Middle Finger News Service in Negotiations for Possible Reality Program Network

Press Release:
New Orleans, La. - The Middle Finger News Network today announced it's intentions of  pursuing new ventures to enhance it's massive corporate profits going forward in 2015 by possibly entering the Reality TV market.

The initiative came from a side project of MFNS's ace correspondent Earl of Taint, who has developed a series called "So You Want to Be an American?" set on the nations southern border. But while the series was not developed for MFNS and is  initially being offered to Univision TV network, we believe with acquisition of his series, we can build a successful all-reality network with our  present coverage of MFN by local access cable programing that already reaches tens of hundreds of people across the southern border. 

Promo Courtesy of Earl of Taint Productions
Other suggestions for reality programing possibilities are timely shows such as  "Survivor Jihad " set in the beautiful exotic wilds of Islamic Africa.

Talks have already begun with venture capitalist and producer, Emo Murdoch, for funding and the MFNS negotiating team from Chicago will lean on meet with Earl about bidding for his series early next week.


  1. Definitely the only reality TV show worth watching. Count me in! Earl is going to have to step up to the challenge, though. You've got his only G-rated graphic in existence (Earl's Motto: We ain't NC-17 for nothin', Baby!) paired up with your Jihadi RPG Rectal Surgery graphic. He's starting out at a disadvantage. But he'll bring the heat. I got confidence. ;)

  2. Good morning, Jan! Your associates Moose and Rocco arrived a short while ago. Unfortunately, they got the wrong address. I can hear my neighbor screaming 2 houses down. Maybe you could give them a heads-up? And if possible, perhaps they could get my leaf-blower back?

    Great to be with you on this, btw.

    1. Sorry about that Earl. Moose is deaf and Rocca can't see very well. As for the leaf-blower, I'd imagine they hocked it for gas money.