Monday, July 28, 2014

Immigration, and Executive Orders:

"Congress can overturn an executive order. It can overturn parts of an executive order. If the executive order is based on a statute, Congress can change the statute, thereby nullifying the order. Congress can also refuse to fund activities stemming from all or part of the executive order. ...
In addition, a targeted move to overturn an executive order on immigration -- an order which could, according to some reports, involve the president unilaterally granting legal status to a large portion of the estimated 11 million immigrants in the country illegally -- would put some red-state Democrats in a tough position with the November midterms approaching. Lawmakers who would find it easy to reject the extreme option of impeaching the president might have a more difficult time defending an executive order that many of their constituents oppose.
Obama is, by many accounts, preparing to 'go big' on immigration. If so, his actions will clearly encroach on Congress' constitutional authority. With Democrats sitting on the sidelines, Republicans have to be ready to respond -- without going around the bend on impeachment."— Byron York, The Washington Examiner


  1. Why the hell not go around the bend to IMPEACHMENT? Because this sorry POS is half black all these rinos are afraid of being called racist and would rather instead let Obama destroy America before throwing his sorry ass out of office. Impeach and then try him for TREASON.

    1. Impeachment is not going to work....for two reasons. Politically it cost the GOP DEARLY when they tried it on Slick Willie and it failed Secondly even IF an impeachment bill gets from the
      House to the Senate it will die there....Harry Reid will NEVER allow it to pass.

  2. The House can defund some of the actions covered by the illegal EO's from Obungler. To actually
    overturn or nullify them would require them to use the legislative know....write a bill, vote on it, send it to the Senate, have it pass there, then on to Obungler for him to sign in to that's gonna happen. ANY bill that makes it out of the house that will interfere with O'Losers EO playground will die a quick death in the Senate thanks to Dirty Harry Reid.

    As for the "funding/defunding issue? All the executive branch has to do is call up the treasury/Fed Reserve, gets some newly created $$$$ and proceed....they'll worry about the "accounting details" later if ever.

  3. Impeachment is a non-issue until the Republicans have the Senate. I think they are weighing their options behind closed doors. Some are naturally scared to death.