Saturday, August 2, 2014

Breeding an Army of Hate

Israel gave Gaza over lock, stock and barrel, moved out their people and said "Make it Flourish." Instead of investing the billions in aid to help the Palestinian people and create a trading block with Israel, Gaza invested in terrorism. They now reap the consequences.

Hamas urge women to have more children
to create a larger army of Hate.

Some 63 Israelis and about 1500 Palestinians have died since the current conflict started a month ago, with children accounting for at least 245 of the deaths. But why so many children? It turns out that there are unusual features about the population structure in Gaza that make it an enigma in the modern world and helps explain the high numbers of casualties in the current conflict the media does not see fit to site in their reporting.

New Scientist:
"First, the Gaza Strip's population of roughly 1.8 million has an unusually large proportion of children. Figures for 2013 from Index Mundi, the internet source of country data, show that that 43.5 per cent of the population is aged 14 or under, compared with 32 per cent in Egypt and 27 per cent in Israel.
The median age in Gaza is 18, compared with a world average of 28. In most European countries it's about 40, and it is 30 in Israel. Only in a dozen or so African countries is the median age lower, reaching 15 in Uganda.
The data from Index Mundi show that the fertility rate in Gaza, 4.4 children per woman, is among the highest in the world.
A study involving interviews with 16,204 Gazan women and 4900 Jordanian women for comparison, concluded that the Intifada of of 1989 and 1990 was a key driving factor for the surge in marriage and fertility. In the Intifada years of for example, women were 1.4 times more likely to marry than in 1980. The rate during the Intifada was even higher, at twice that in 1980, for more educated women.
A sense of duty to expand the population is a factor that can't be dismissed. "There have been statements from Hamas urging women to have more children to create a larger army."

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