Friday, August 1, 2014

Have You Ever Really Looked at Barack Obama's Signature?

Zoom in and take a look.....


  1. Everything about him is weird...even watching him scrawl his signature with a left-handed pen is.

  2. Self-portrait of him about to be assholed by Reggie, n'cest pas??

  3. Then the vertical line of the "b" bisects the O.

  4. Yes he is a dickhead just like his signature. I keep hoping this is a nightmare of my Father's and I 'm gonna wake up and Ronald Reagan will still be President. My God how did this incompetent two bit nobody get elected?

  5. Enough to gag a magot!! Porn? Well, it's Porn but it gives Porn a bad name!!

  6. Hidden subconscious thought. He's gay and those kids Malaria and Sushi aren't his.
    The entire family was manufactured to the progressive's order as the 1st President
    that could be untouchable and move the agenda forward with limited friction and
    more often than not, assistance from the RINO's. We're being consumed from within
    by a disease now known as "Obola"