Friday, August 15, 2014

Like Trayvon Martin, There's Always More to the Story

The Lefty's Newest Cause Celeb
A 6.4 ft, 300lb. Angel Who Jacks Convenient Stores 

I can't wait to see the pictures of him holding a puppy
and eating Twinkies at his grandmother's table.
"If not for new video evidence showing a person who has been positively identified as Brown committing strong-arm robbery nearby (at the same store which was looted and burned in the aftermath of his death), and just prior to the shooting incident, officer Wilson might have been railroaded as George Zimmerman nearly was last year, and falsely convicted of a very serious crime.
Lo and behold; the key witness at the scene of the shooting was Brown’s companion, Dorian Johnson, now revealed by published police reports to have been positively identified as being involved in the robbery himself. That means his account of what happened is not credible in the slightest, besides being logically impossible and absurd to begin with.
Brown’s companion, Johnson, alleged that Wilson had first reached up through the window from inside the car and grabbed the 6′ 4,” 300lb Brown by the neck–an unlikely and virtually impossible scenario, based on the reality of physical circumstances. Johnson also claimed that Wilson then tried to pull Brown into the vehicle with him, which also makes no sense whatsoever in terms of tactics."
Official reports are that officer Wilson has lacerations and contusions on his face from Brown beating him, and a spent shell casing was retrieved from inside the patrol car." 


  1. I saw this picture posted elsewhere on a liberal blog, saying he was flashing a "peace sign" - YEA RIGHT!!

  2. Poor Mumia Abu Jamal must feel abandoned. Yeah well, the half-life of a Leftist cause celeb is exactly one news cycle.