Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The current Tsunami of Illegal Immigration Isn't All About Kids and Women by Any Means.....

by Robert Janicki
The Mexican drug cartels are using hapless and helpless women and children as cover to infiltrate their members into the United States as sleeper cell participants in the future.  What we don't know may be even worse than what we do know at this time, which leads to this coincidental question.  How many Islamist terrorists have managed to slip across the southern border during this tsunami of Central Americans invading America?  Our government simply has no clue as to these numbers or chooses to keep silent on this issue.
It only stands to reason, if tens of thousands of women and children can successfully slip into the United States undetected, what is to stop countless numbers of Islamist terrorists from doing the same thing?  It's being reported that illegal immigrants have been found to come from 75 countries around the world.  You don't hear anything about this from the White House and few reports from any MSM source.
Meanwhile, the Mexican drug cartels, with the help of liberal progressives, have cleverly disguised their "operation infiltration" as a humanitarian effort to protect women and children from the daily danger they face in their Central American countries of origin.  This is typical liberal progressive logic in creating a political narrative.  Make the face of what you want to achieve the face of women and children in harms way and paint the effort in emotional terms to save them all as a humanitarian effort that must be made.  Fall back on America's inherent moral and ethical history to help those in need to justify breaking U.S. immigration law.  Forget about the concept of national sovereignty.  We're all God's children.  If all these illegal immigrants breaking United States laws in the process of entering the United States are God's children, are we then supposed to forgive them for their illegal acts?   Why not forgive all criminals in America?  Are they any less God's children?
Back to the present situation.  The Mexican drug cartels do not even have to be very successful in running illegal immigrants into America.  All they have to do is hold out the prospect of a better life for those seeking to enter the United States.  The cartel coyotes benefit on both ends of the deal.  They get paid up front, whether they manage to get their human cargo across the border or not.  If they do get these illegal immigrants safely across the border, they often store them in "safe houses" while they try and extort more money from family members already living here in America.  It's a win-win deal for the drug cartels.
In summary, these same Mexican drug cartels are surreptitiously bringing in their own members or affiliate members into the United States to facilitate their illegal operations now and in the future.  We have not even begun to see the repercussions of this invasion of career criminals looking for more prosperous victims to attack here in the United States.  Watch for crime statistics to climb in the coming years as more and more of these cartel criminals infiltrate America.  It is now an inevitable certainty that this will happen as America develops an ever increasing permanent underclass of criminals.  
Now tell me again how all these illegal immigrants are actually going to increase America's gross domestic product.  The costs to taxpayers from these illegals will always be greater than whatever they can contribute in taxes. If you believe otherwise, there simply isn't any hope for you.
Rob Janicki is Owner Operator and HMFIC of the website Wired Right   

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