Monday, August 11, 2014

UN to Fight Terrorism.... with Strongly Worded Letter

Yeah, that should bring those blood thirsty
terrorist bastards to their knees.

(photo via Sense of Events)
The Times of Israel
"The UN Security Council on Monday began fine tuning a draft resolution aimed at choking off the flow of foreign fighters and financial support to jihadists in Iraq and Syria. Experts from the 15-nation council met Monday to discuss the measure proposed by Britain with a view to adopting a strongly-worded text this week, sources said.
An early draft of the resolution seen by AFP threatens to draw up a sanctions black list of individuals, groups and entities who support the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has since renamed itself simply Islamic State, and the Al-Nusrah Front in Syria.
The draft “calls on all member states to take national measures to suppress the flow of foreign terrorist fighters” to IS and Al-Nusrah and threatens to slap sanctions on those involved in recruitment.
It also warns governments that trade with the jihadists, who now control oilfields and other potentially cash-generating infrastructure, “could constitute financial support” that may lead to sanctions.
 That statement from the council was the third strong condemnation in recent weeks of the IS offensive that saw jihadists seize control of the main northern city of Mosul on June 10"


  1. Dang, I wonder if Don's UN photo is legit, because that peacekeeper bozo should really have more finger discipline than that. Probably par for the course with those idiots.

  2. Priceless photo. "UNINVOLVED in PEACE"

    And what's with the finger on the trigger? That's an AD (accidental discharge) just waiting to happen.