Sunday, August 3, 2014

What it Takes to Get Deported from the US

Here's a real irony...this ILLEGAL ALIEN and serial plaintiff
has been suing American business.
 Adios Amigos Asshole
"Alfredo Garcia, a notorious serial plaintiff, convicted felon and undocumented immigrant, has been deported to Mexico. Garcia made it his business to sue small businesses, filing more than 800 lawsuits against businesses in the Los Angeles area for alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Garcia hasn't held a job since he fell out of an avocado tree while he was drinking and high on cocaine about 18 years ago. Garcia's back was broken, his spinal cord severed. Since then, he's made a living off these lawsuits. It's incredibly profitable, for Garcia and his longtime attorney Morse Mehrban.
Garcia has a lengthy criminal history. He's been convicted of three felonies, involving drug, weapons and burglary charges. In a 2009 sworn deposition, he admitted to violating his probation by snorting cocaine and smoking pot. He also admitted to being in the U.S. illegally and buying two social security cards off the street. Since then, Garcia has had at least two of those felonies expunged from his criminal record.
In February 2011, Garcia was arrested for immigration violations by officers with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Fugitive Operations Team. Due to his disability, Garcia was released while his case made its way through the immigration courts, including an appeal. He was placed "under intensive supervision" by ICE, but that did not stop him from filing more lawsuits. Since that 2011 arrest, he's filed an additional 300 lawsuits.
Garcia typically sues small mom-and-pop type businesses, but among his 811 lawsuits, big names like Wal-Mart, Bank of America and Jamba Juice are also included. He's also sued dozens of restaurants, auto-repair shops, a medical clinic where he received rehab, a lawyer who deposed him, the city of Cudahy and dozens of Laundromats.
Garcia has collected approximately $1.2 million from business owners since he began filing lawsuits in 2007.
At the same time, Garcia applies for and receives fee waivers from the courts by claiming he is too poor to pay the court fees associated with the lawsuits. That means taxpayers pick up the tab."
Garcia's was finally deported to Mexico on June 11th.
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