Thursday, September 11, 2014

France Complicates Obama's Coalition Plans

Agence France-Presse
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Wednesday that France was prepared to take part in air strikes on Islamic extremists in Iraq “if necessary.”
“In Iraq… we support the formation of an inclusive government. We will participate if necessary in an aerial military action,” Fabius said in a speech in Paris. Fabius urged an international alliance to fight the dangers posed by IS “which could reach our own soil,” he said, adding: “Several hundred French jihadists are present in Iraq and Syria.”
However, Fabius stressed that the “modalities” of French action in Iraq and Syria were not the same.
“In Syria, the situation is different: (President) Bashar al-Assad cannot be a partner, because he has an established link” with IS. “That is why we will continue to help the moderate Syrian opposition, which is fighting both” the Islamic State and the Assad regime.
Washington is now in the process of pulling together an international alliance against the militants, present in both Iraq and Syria. According to French diplomatic sources, what is preventing France from a military intervention in Syria is the lack of an international legal basis. In the case of Iraq, any military action would have to come at the request of Baghdad and would be backed up by the “self-defence” article in the United Nations charter, according to diplomatic sources.
Obama should fear not though, he still have the mighty Albanians on board.....


  1. So, when Barky said "broad coalition," he was basically just talking about paying the 'moderate' Syrian rebels to fight themselves? That doesn't seem very broad to me.

  2. I seriously doubt that we will ever see any Muslims from Obama's coalition fighting on the ground against ISIS. None of the Arab members of Obama's grand coalition will provide any troops to fight these ISIS barbarians. You can bank on that. Ar-Raqqah is the ISIS headquarters in Syria. Advise civilians living there to evacuate immediately, then drop one tactical nuclear weapon and level the rat hole and all the ISIS rats infesting the area. Okay, that may offend some people, so maybe drop a few MOAB's (Mother of all bombs) that we have used in Iraq for shock and awe. Let these bloodthirsty animals know what it's like to be on the receiving end of the world's retribution for their inhuman acts.

  3. I bet Obama won't be able to get any Congressional support, however. Not that he thinks he needs it....