Friday, September 5, 2014

His Weakness, Our Disgrace

"What's unique about our times is the nature of the threats — suicidal, homicidal, genocidal terrorists, well armed and organized, seeking the destruction of the United States. The other difference: the lack of Western leadership, starting with the president himself. ...
"He tries to manage the world as he hopes it will be, rather than lead the world as it is. Yes, foreign policy is hard. These issues are both historic and existential. The American public is fickle. Congress is all but useless. And our allies in Europe are loathe to lead — or even to pay a fair price for fighting threats closer to their borders than our own.
 "But that's why only one person gets to be president of the United States, and, presumably, that's why Obama asked twice to be elected. He wanted the job. He knew its challenges (including the existence of social media). He thought he could lead. When does he get started?"Ron Fournier, National Journal


  1. Don't forget being a sociopathic diseased narcissist , AND an infantile retarded moron who is incapable of acting like a functioning adult. Photographic evidence of this currently plastered on the net of the retarded asshole waving like some shithead at a school photo that you'd have to retake, because some fucking moron can't behave

  2. But, he has started, Ron. Just not in the direction you want him to go. Take a good look, and you can understand why America is slowly, very slowly, moving inexorably backward. This is where he wants to be, and he doesn't give a flying fig about the dust he's kicked up. That's why he keeps playing golf, NOTHING is actually what he has chosen to do. It's working.