Friday, September 12, 2014

Ten Buck Friday

During the 2010 midterms, conservative bloggers united in a movement called “Ten Buck Friday”. The concept behind TBF was to encourage a contribution of $10 each week to select campaigns to help elect fiscal conservatives to Congress. And is you rememberthat was the year that Republicans handed "The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer" an "embarrassing shellacking". 

There are only eight Fridays between now and the 2014 midterms an we support the effort to push vital funds into the Republican candidates campaign coffers.

Focusing on the Senate races (Republicans need just six seats to oust the corrupt Dingy Harry Reid as majority leader), isn't it worth ten bucks a week (30 pkgs. of Ramen?) to help eliminate Reid's control and give the Senate responsible leadership again?   

So every Friday between now and November 4th we are asking our readers to consider contributing $10 to the campaign of the candidate(s) we have highlighted that week.

Contribute to Dan Sullivan  Here
Contribute to Tom Cotton Here
Contribute to Joni Ernst Here
Contribute to Bill Cassidy Here
Contribute to Thom Tillis Here

(If you mark your contribution as "Ten Buck Friday", they'll see the blogosphere give them a little bump.)

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  1. Thanks for posting this and for standing guard over liberty.

  2. Amen and full speed ahead. Let's do it.

    1. Steve, I sent you an email about a week ago asking if you would care to join our merry band of bloggers for this movement, I hope you will read it and reply. Enjoy your weekend.

    2. Grunt, you need to get on board. These toss-up state races are winnable, but will need money for a last minute ad blitz.

    3. Ladies, I'm absolutely on board. Unfortunately, I'm in transition between blogs and don't have the pulpit I used to, but I'm figuring out how I can help in addition to giving cashola, which I am definitely doing. Sorry about the delays, but God bless you both for your commitment to this important initiative at the most critical election of our lives so far!