Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Happens if You Throw a Party and No One Shows Up?

by Robert Janicki

Ask President Obama or UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. They've sent out invitations to world leaders to attend the upcoming UN Climate Summit in New York.  It's really bad news for President Obama, who was planning on taking in a Broadway show or two, with the travel being paid for by American taxpayers.  You remember what that endangered species is, right?  It's the 50% of tax filers who actually pay personal income taxes to support the narcissist in chief and his liberal agenda of growing government.

Anyway, the responses of world leaders have been, well, something less than expected or hoped for by the two globalists who sent out the invitations.

It seems world leaders have better things to do than show up to listen to a boatload of climate disaster bullshit from pseudo scientists, who have financial interests in promoting the hoax of global warming.

Eric Worrall writes: The imminent climate summit in New York is rapidly turning into an utter embarrassment for President Obama and UN Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon, in addition to becoming a bit of a punishment round for national deputy leaders.
Aussie PM Tony Abbott today defended his decision not to hop on an earlier flight to America, so he could attend the UN climate conference in New York, because he has more important matters to attend to, such as running the country. 

Read the list of some prominent world leaders who have better things to do than attend a global summit circle jerk of jerks promoting a hoax.


  1. Well, that's about all the important ones. Geezamus, we just might save this planet yet!