Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reverend J. J. Finds Cameras in Dallas

"Maligned by his critics as a race-obsessed media glutton, Jesse Jackson gave detractors plenty of ammunition to use against him in a series of Twitter posts about the Ebola patient being treated in Dallas.
After confirming he would spend Tuesday in Dallas, ostensibly at the request of Thomas Duncan’s family, Jackson soon began posting updates and images showing his multiple media appearances and meetings with prominent local figures...."
Never let a crisis go to waste.... 

A recurring opinion suggested that his inspiration is the same as it was in any of his past decisions to visit a community in the midst of tumult.  Money.

But, could this the real reason J.J. is in town?
DALLAS — The Dallas County prosecutor is considering whether to file criminal charges against Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who traveled from Monrovia to Dallas, where he was diagnosed with the deadly virus last week.
“We are looking at whether he intentionally and knowingly exposed the public to the virus,” said Debbie Denmon, a spokesperson for the Dallas County prosecutor’s office...."