Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Next Chapter in the Obamacare Train Wreck Saga

by Robert Janicki

America was warned, but they ignored the warning of patriots.  Now comes the next step in the challenge to fundament individual liberty and freedom on the road to serfdom for the benefit of the state.

By the end of this calendar year untold tens of thousands of Americans will receive a notice that their health insurance is not in compliance with Obamacare.   They are told that they must obtain Obamacare approved health insurance plans through either their state insurance exchanges or the continuing troubled website.  And, we know how well has worked out.

from WAPO
"Cancellations are in the mail to customers in markets where insurers say the policies no longer make business sense. In some states, such as Maryland and Virginia, rules call for the plans’ discontinuation, but in many, federal rules allow the policies to continue through 2017.
Insurers sending the notices to some customers include Waukesha, Wisc.-based Anthem, one of the largest insurers in the country; Baltimore-based CareFirst; Health Care Services Corp. in Chicago; Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif.; Humana in Louisville; and Golden Rule, an Indianapolis subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.
One reason behind the switch is that insurers determined they can make more money selling plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act, often at higher premiums that may be subsidized by the government......"

Health insurance companies long ago determined that they had to go along to get along with Obamacre and it looks like their lobbying has paid off so to speak.  The health insurance industry can't lose since they are being "backstopped" by taxpayer subsidies for any losses they incur selling any of the Obamacare plans.  These same health insurance companies no longer are constrained by the economic forces of a competitive free market.

Once again Democrats, manipulated by the radical liberals in their Party, have managed to screw taxpayers who will not only have to pay higher premiums under Obamacare, but will have to subsidize the very health insurance carriers that are reaping the rewards of Obamacare on the taxpayers's dime.

Someone please explain to me how this evil cabal between government and the health insurance industry is anything but a criminal enterprise engaged in extortion of Americans, and done under the color of law?

"Free enterprise" and the supposed "free market" are long gone when government can force people to buy something they don't want or particularly need for their circumstances.  This is pure socialism in action.  Obamacare epitomizes the age of "Big Brother" and the socialist state and there is little chance that it will ever be repealed.  Of course politicians will make changes around the margins and tell us that all will be well.  That's about all they're good for these days. 

Statesmanship is just a distant memory.

Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy, 
as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks.