Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They See Abbott Rollin’, They Be Hatin’

This is a Campaign for the Ages
The Spectacle
By the weekend, I fully expect some idiot in the Wendy Davis campaign (or at least affiliated with the campaign) will announce that Greg Abbott is not actually paralyzed, but has just been using the wheelchair as a prop since the mid-1980s to garner sympathy for his oppressive Republican positions, not merely just as a way of hypocritically punishing the disabled of Texas by supporting tort reform (even though Abbott himself didn't take any of the punitive damages he sought to limit).
After all, they have pretty much nowhere else to go. 
On Friday, at a Wendy Davis rally in Pflugerville, Texas, a charming state representative named Dawnna Dukes attached Greg Abbott for his dastardly habit of having to "roll around " everywhere.
To wit:
“And then we have this guy who kind of just rolls around thinking that he can get tort reform for himself but take it away from everybody else in the state of Texas."
It's not clear whether Wendy Davis agrees with, or even heard, Rep. Dukes's remarks, but she did make sure to thank Dukes, among her other presenters, on Twitter later that evening. After all, they're making a stellar contribution to her campaign, which she still seems to think will be successful (along with one other person Hot Air found). Even though she's running at a double-digit deficit, even among the women for whom Davis was, just a short time ago, the anointed savior.
Interestingly enough, that's a chasm that's opened only recently. Back in early October, the pink-shod proponent of partial-birth abortion was running only one point behind her male counterpart. Now, she's basically sunk. So what happened between October 1st and now to make women turn on ol' Wendy? 
It could be her last ditch effort to use Greg Abbott's disability against him, in commercials, on the campaign trail and in one extremely awkward public appearance where one of her henchman literally dragged a disabled man across the stage to get him out of the way of the next speaker.
And who says the Internet is useless?