Sunday, November 16, 2014

AWD: An Open Letter to Ghetto Black America

The organizers of the #Ferguson riots to come when Officer Darren Wilson is not
indicted are telling white people they will have to “deal with it.” And deal with it,
I hope the people in St Louis do. Enough is a whole hell of a lot more than enough! 

by Angry White Dude
Dear Ghetto Black America,
We’ve needed to have this talk for a long time. Because of the rules of political correctness, we have been prohibited from speaking our mind about your behavior. But that time has ended. Decent people in America are tired of your behavior and, more specifically, we are tired of you!
AWD should define what I mean by “ghetto blacks.” I do not use this term to define all black people. There are many, many black people in America who live peaceful, law-abiding lives. They contribute to America in a very meaningful way. I am not referring to them as ghetto blacks. They are welcome in my home and as my friends. But there is a too-sizable percentage of the black population that remains in “the ghetto.”
Ghetto blacks are those who are a burden to society and decent, responsible people of all races. Ghetto blacks are those who have dropped out of school, have numerous illegitimate children with several “baby-daddies,” pack our courts and fill our prisons because of rampant crime, etc. Ghetto blacks are those who will not work and are content to live on welfare and other social programs. These people will stand in line 8 hours with thousands of other ghetto blacks in 100 degree heat for a spot on the waiting list for Section 8 housing but won’t fill out a job application as we witnessed in Atlanta last year. Ghetto blacks are violent, sullen, ignorant, disrespectful, immoral, profane and filled with hatred. They especially possess a true hatred of all white people.
Ghetto blacks ridicule black students who make good grades as “being white” and blame their own failures on whitey, the man, Jim Crow or slavery. Ghetto blacks idolize gangstas, pimps and rappers covered in tattoos and bullet wounds. They ridicule other blacks who choose to be responsible, educated and contribute to society as “selling out.”
Ghetto blacks are led by race pimps like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan whose message of hatred further poisons the empty souls of other ghetto blacks. If you are black and reading this, you will know if you are a ghetto black or not.
Because of the corruption of government, ghetto blacks have been allowed to live off of American taxpayers without producing anything for generations. Welfare, social programs, Affirmative Action, Section 8 housing, etc have turned you into violent,worthless moochers who are a tremendous burden on productive Americans. The reward we receive for feeding, clothing and housing you is ignorance, violence, hatred and crime. We, the responsible, law-abiding Americans have had enough....."
I have said many times over I believe each race can achieve equally. I also believe in judging everyone by their actions and not the color of their skin. I don’t like trashy people of any race so don’t waste your time calling me a racist.