Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brilliant Strategy : After Crushing Defeat, Dems Move Even Further to The Left

After an almost three hour meeting today Dingy Harry emerged victorious and will remain dems top leader in the Senate.  Citing his time as minority leader under President George W. Bush , Reid said his goal was not to obstruct the new majority. Yeah, we remember those days Harry
In a grab for straws move, Reid elevated the dems Far Left Faux Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren to the position of Commissar of Public Policy Communications (Ministry of Truth).  Elevating Warren is seen as an indication that the new Senate Democratic minority is less interested in bipartisan compromises, even as the White House and Senate Republicans are signaling they want to cut deals in the new Congress. It also place Warren in a position to get face-time before the 2016 Presidential race ramps up. Warren is being touted by many to run for the White House.