Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Bye Blue Dogs

Consider this: If Mary Landrieu loses her runoff in Louisiana on Dec 6th there will be not one Democrat controlled house chamber, governor or US Senator from the Carolinas to Texas. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Obama.

Amazingly, Blue Dog Southern Democrats are still analyzing what happened in the last election and how to get competitive again. They think pocketbook issues (as they see them) like raising the minimum wage, are the road to redemption. Well maybe, but stuff like that has about as much chance of success as handing out toys in Kabul hoping to change the hearts and minds of the Taliban. Good luck.

The facts are,  the Democratic Party cannot win without working class whites. In Arkansas a two term incumbent Senator won just 31% of the white vote (with the Clintons campaigning their asses off for him). In Louisiana Landrieu got 18 measly percent! No way in Hell anyone is going to win with those kinds of numbers I don't give a damn if every illegal and every minority in the state votes twice! So what's the problem? Why can't Democrats attract white voters?

It's simple really, white middle-class and working class voters perceive the Democratic Party as their enemy. We're the ones who "didn't build that". We're the racists who need to be punished. We're the ones who's kids are turned away from our universities in favor of a "dreamer" who is way way WAY less qualified. We're the ones who hate gays, "war on women" and cling to our guns and religion. We are the fall guy when Democrats make their pitch to any and every interest group under the sun. We're the bad guys not to be respected or listened to, and we should just shut up and continue to work our asses off to pay for everybody else's food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, drugs, booze and degenerate lifestyle.

So to the Southern Democrat...the very best of luck in your efforts. But the fact is you have worked very hard over many decades to change your image from a Henry "Scoop" Jackson to Justin Bieber, and you can live with the damn results.