Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Have Americans Overcoming our 'Stupidity'

Herman Cain
"You know by now that ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber recently admitted they intentionally misled the public about the law because they thought we were too stupid to support the bill. Democrats have played this game for a long time. Repeatedly hammer messages like "access to health care" while conveniently ignoring the market disruptions that come with it, and justify it all by asserting that Americans are too stupid to handle the truth.
But a shocking development is unfolding, and it's horrifying for the Democrats. The polls didn't really predict it before Election Day, but we seem to be emerging from our "stupidity" quite nicely. First, let's consider the long-term picture here. Of the 59 Democrats who voted for ObamaCare in 2010 (remember that Ted Kennedy had already died but Harry Reid used reconciliation to pass the final bill), 28 have already left the Senate or will be leaving in January. And that will rise to 29 if, as expected, Mary Landrieu loses her runoff in December.
So basically half the Democrats who backed ObamaCare in the Senate will be gone. In four years! 
That's astonishing. Now they didn't all run for re-election and lose. Some of them retired. But they're still gone, and that's simply a stunning turnover in such a small period of time. The American people have understood since ObamaCare passed what a scam it was. 
In Alaska, Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado and Arkansas, Democrats who voted for ObamaCare were unceremoniously shown the exits by the voters in their respective states. (And you're next, Louisiana!)
People are paying attention, and every time they have the opportunity to do something about it, they're making it clear: They hate ObamaCare, and they resent the dishonesty and subterfuge that were used to pass it. It's too late to make Obama pay a price at the ballot box, regrettably, but maybe the voters will remember this and not reward another Democrat who has a tendency to spew nonsense based on low regard for the intelligence of the public."