Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Irony and Karma and Poetic Justice...All Rolled Into One

Ferguson Instigator Has Car Stolen At Anti-Police Protest

         Image via Western Journalism
For more than three months, Ferguson Mo. has been the target of protesters and agitators upset over the police shooting that resulted in the death of Hood Rat, Mike Brown. Despite the fact that subsequently released evidence indicate that Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the incident was accurate, the Ferguson Police Department continues to face bitter backlash by disruptive activists.
The protests continue even during the Grand Jurors’ deliberation, however, with activists like Elizabeth Vega leading demonstrations this week.
Among Twitter posts describing the protests and disparaging authority figures, Vega informed her social media followers that her car was stolen in the aftermath of one such demonstration.
The perceived irony of Vega losing her vehicle as her cohorts curse those who could assist in its recovery was not lost on numerous Twitter users.

....and this little Twitter gem.