Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mary Possibly Facing the Worst Senatorial Loss in 50 years.

Landrieu May Go Down Harder Then Expected 
by Robert Janicki
Early voting in Louisiana began this past Saturday and voting percentages are up significantly from the primary election held on November 4th as part of the national midterm congressional elections.  The patterns suggest Landrieu will not only lose, but lose very badly with a rout that hasn't been seen in senatorial elections in 50 years.
Pollster John Couvillon believes that the election could go 62-38 for Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy, which would be a monumental rebuke of Mary Landrieu and might well continue to be viewed as a referendum denunciation of Obama's failed radical liberal policies.

Here you can see a complete breakdown of details inside Couvillion's polling and analysis.

And just a side note: Once again, the Times-Picayune/ has endorsed Sen. Mary Landrieu over her challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy.