Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Please Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Chuck C. Johnson is a Edward R. Murrow / Drudge want-a-be.  After slipping Andrew Brietbart a small piece of info that became a scoop, he attach himself to Brietbart’s legacy after his death. He now runs a website called GotNews.

He continues to be linked by bloggers even though his record has been absolutely abysmal, filled with incompetent factual errors, wildly incorrect predictions, smears of Ebola doctors and nurses, stalking and outing private information of suspected Ebola patients, watermarked other's images and back dated stories to claim a scoop.

His reporting on Ferguson Mo. was sensationalized to the extreme for publicity.  He is become an embarrassment and hindrance to people on the right trying to get out the truth through the den of noise of the vintage media.

Today Chuck informed the world via Twitter that he’s actually a hero who stopped the spread of Ebola by inciting panic, because that’s how science works — by making people scared.

Stop Making Stupid People Famous......