Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hillary Makes Early Bid For Worst Campaign Song Of 2016

Hillary isn't saying whether she's running yet or not, but that hasn't stopped her toadies from continuing to float the boat on her behalf (wink wink). So now they give us this little gem,  a terrible, face-melting Hillary Clinton Super PAC ad/generic CMT music video. And here is a list of actual theories about its provenance that  have been tossed around because the Washington Post’s story on it is too boring

* It’s a Rand Paul false-flag operation.
* The NYPD slapped it together to get us all to stop talking about Eric Garner.
* The Stand with Hillary PAC hired the Raining McCain   ladies and gave them a bigger budget.
* It’s actually an ad for a stock footage house specializing in gauzy, soft-focus scenes of Americana.
* The video contains a series of clues about where President Obama was on the night of BENGHAAAAAZI!!1!
* Hillary Clinton really wants us to think she’s tough. Ford tough. 

The National Journal has also helpfully annotated the lyrics if you’re really feeling masochistic. Vote Hillary, we guess, or Blake Shelton will eat your face.