Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Should Drive the Ferguson Race Baiters Crazy

Western Journalism
Online crowdfunding is proving to be both a comfort and a source of substantial funds for Darren Wilson. After resigning from the Ferguson, Missouri, police force without severance pay, Wilson apparently has no job prospects; and he still faces all sorts of daunting challenges — both legal and safety-related — despite not being indicted by the grand jury in the August death of Michael Brown.
But Darren Wilson and his new wife will reportedly be receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from online donation efforts organized by an anonymous supporter. In fact, according to a post on, the amount of money pouring in from crowd-funding could soon exceed $1 million.
Shortly after then-officer Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in a confrontation on a residential Ferguson street, some crowd-funding sites were launched that reportedly raised a good deal of money for Wilson before the sites were shut down as violent protests over the killing intensified.
Maybe Someone Will Pass The Hat for the 4 Mil. in Debt Race Pimp