Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordan Illustrates to the Obama Administration How to Deal with ISIS Terrorists.

by Robert Janicki
King Abdullah, monarch of the Kingdom of Jordan, cut short his trip to Washington, D.C. and a meeting with our feckless president early Tuesday to return to Jordan for the following day's dawn execution of two Al Queda related terrorists previously convicted and condemned to death for acts of terrorism in Jordan involving the deaths of innocent Jordanians.  

The execution of these two terrorists has now come less than 24 hours after Jordanian intelligence confirmed that the Jordanian Air Force pilot captured and held by ISIS in Syria had already been slain by ISIS earlier in a grisly death by immolation.  At approximately the same time, ISIS released a choreographed video of the entire process of their savagery in murdering the Jordanian pilot. 

ISIS, knowing it had already slain the Jordanian pilot had tried to negotiate a swap for one of the two terrorists, an Iranian woman.  The Jordanian government demanded proof that their pilot was still alive, probably suspecting that he had already been killed.  When no proof was forth coming, the Jordanian intelligence community let it be known their pilot was already dead at the hands of ISIS.  It was then that ISIS released the gory video of the pilot's brutal and inhumane murder by being set on fire by ISIS.

The lesson to be learned from this for the Obama administration is that actions speak louder than words or threats, which seems to be the extent to President Obama's military savvy and understanding in how to deal with Islamic terrorists.  The Jordanian government illustrated how they treat terrorists, contrary to the way the Obama administration weakly and timidly approaches terrorism with halting steps and actions that ultimately lead to a retreat from reality.

Expect Jordan to exact even more retribution on ISIS in the form of increased military attacks on ISIS personnel and facilities.  King Abdullah has already stated that Jordan will seek swift and devastating revenge on ISIS and, unlike America's Commander in Chief, will bring down Jordan's wrath upon ISIS in short order.  

Meanwhile, America's embarrassment for a president has counseled King Abdullah to only use a measured response to ISIS's latest butchery.  King Abdullah, trained by American special forces and once the head of Jordan's special forces, understands the concept of overwhelming force to quickly and thoroughly defeat an enemy, something which escapes President Obama and liberals in general.

King Abdullah does face internal resistance from some tribal forces that believe the attack on ISIS is not their war and supporting such a war places them as supporters of the West against fellow Muslims.  Expect King Abdullah to overcome this resistance despite the political cost to his monarchy.  Also expect King Abdullah, the son of the late king, Hussein, a strong monarch and military man in his own right, to be decisive like his father and act to restore Jordan's honor, which has been besmirched by ISIS terrorists.

King Abdullah understands the Arab mind.  Force must be met with overwhelming force, since anything less is viewed as weakness.  Unfortunately, America's liberal mindset cannot master that concept and insists on a measured proportional response to all attacks on American interests and counsels other nations in this same impotent tactical claptrap.