Monday, February 9, 2015

Pat Caddell: “Republicans are wusses,” and Democrats “dictator to the common man.”

"The country is at a tipping point, “a pre-revolutionary moment,” where citizen power is eroding while Washington is absorbed with keeping its own power." Pat Caddell 

 More people should listen to the famed Democratic political strategist Pat Caddell.  He's right on the money in many respects when he compares Washington DC to Vienna in 1914.  An ossified, self interested capital city which is out of touch with reality. This while the hinterlands rumble with discontent.

Caddell blames both parties.The Republicans won’t stand for anything, funding Obamacare and refusing to hold the president's feet to the fire in the face of obvious and deep corruption. Concurrently the Democrats have embraced special interests even more than in the past and have come to reflect a non-working class (perhaps anti-working class when it comes to illegal immigration) while supporting a president who is clearly out to lunch and Caddell thinks, dangerous.

He's a sane voice in an insane town.

Washington, and Republicans in particularly would be wise to heed Caddell’s warnings. People are fed up with the political class and things are going to change whether the establishment likes it or not.

You can see an interview with Mr. Caddell and what he has to say Here