Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adrienne's Open Letter to Homosexual Activists...

Dear Homosexual Activist,
"Due to the latest shiny object attack on Mike Pence of Indiana over signing the state's Freedom of Religion Restoration Act, one I might mention, exists in many other states, I felt the urge to send a message to you. 
 I'm sending this letter only to you activists, and not to the millions of homosexuals who lead rather mundane and normal lives. They go to work and school, live quietly, and sometimes even chastely - which is a subject for another letter. 
 Let's start off with the concept of tolerance. Growing up, we had a family friend who was most certainly gay. I dislike the word "gay", but in the interest of kindness, since you really like that label, I'll consent to use the term for this letter. This family friend was a lovely gentleman who we had over for dinner several times a year. He lived with his aging mother, and was a collector of antiques about which he was quite knowledgeable. Naturally, it was whispered that he might be gay. It was only whispers, because no one knew for sure. Our family friend did not demand tolerance, nor did we feel any necessity of attaching that sentiment to him....."
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