Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Still Doesn't Get It.

There are consequences for not being truthful and forthcoming.

by Robert Janicki

Hillary Clinton's mini-presser on Tuesday afternoon at the UN was meant to lay to rest her exclusive use of a private email server for all her government related business emails and private emails during her four year tenure as Secretary of State.  Hillary came no where near to where she has to go in putting this issue to rest, if there actually is anything that Hillary can say that will do so, which is very doubtful at this time.

Her comments were aimed at the ignorant among her acolytes to bolster her claim among them that she is being victimized by the "vast right wing conspiracy."  Hillary is merely trying to circle the wagons for a hardline defense, rather than being forthcoming with all the information on the now infamous private server that could be ascertained with a forensic examination by a third party nonpartisan arbiter.

Hillary adamantly indicated that she will not turn over her private email server for any third party forensic examination.  Her reasoning is immaterial in the face of this potentially career ending episode of personal political hubris.  Without a third party examination of Hillary's private server, there is absolutely no assurance that she has produced all relevant government emails during her four year tenure as Secretary of State.  Refusing to turn over the email server could easily seal Hillary fate and irreparably devastate her political future.

Hillary just won't address that line of logic of a third party examination of her email server and instead clings to the belief that she is somehow to be believed that she has turned over all relevant government emails to the State Department for their release.  This just defies all logic and reason and will merely keep the issue alive going forward.  Hillary is essentially challenging people to believe her or their lying eyes that she is being truthful and forthcoming with all the contents of the now infamous private email server.

Hillary would like low information types believe that she made a simple error in using a private email server under her physical control.  Her excuse is that she believed it was easier to use one email system for both government and private emails than to have to carry around two Blackberry phones.  This is a ludicrous explanation.  Cell phones, including Blackberrys, can carry countless email domains to be used for sending and receiving emails.  It only takes a minute or two to set up each email domain in a cell phone.  A person would have to be completely ignorant to believe that you need two cell phones to send and receive two different email accounts.  As an example, I send and receive emails from two different email servers on my iPhone, as does my wife, and we are hardly techno geeks by any stretch of the imagination.

Earl Done This
Hillary's mini presser and her comments have only exacerbated the issue, which may include potential criminal liability for her failure to adhere to federal law and/or regulations pertaining to maintaining and archiving all federal government correspondence sent or received by her.  What is not being addressed is the potential security issues from using a private email server.  Without a forensic examination of Hillary's private server, there is no way to determine if the email server has been hacked and government information has been exposed to nefarious third parties.

Hillary's problems are not going away anytime soon, despite the efforts of her close circle of spin masters like James Carville and Lanny Davis and all the left wing media that will continue to give the Clintonistas a public forum from which to provide cover for Hillary.  Without the total transparency of a forensic examination of Hillary's private email server, this scandal will only grow.  It will not go away with anything  less than a third party examination and investigation of her email server, period.
Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy, as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks.