Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ma Clinton's New Hook to Reel-In Young Voters

Debt-Free College:
Subsidized Rich People, and Fancy Pants Schools

The 2014 election was due to a shortage of audaciously progressive ideas, 
just not enough hope and change.

Ma Clinton's political advisor's new scheme to garner potential democrat votes for 2016 is aimed at young voters with the bright idea of a promise of  debt free college education. And like with most all modern progressive ideas, it involves unloading your pocket book....sooner or later.
"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is floating the idea that government largesse should allow students to graduate from four-year colleges with no loan debt in an attempt to lure college-age and twenty-something people to vote for her.
“What voters are looking for in this election is someone who is going to be a champion for everyday people,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told CNBC on Wednesday.  Mook insinuated Clinton strategists expect that college students may be reluctant to vote for the senior citizen without more incentive.
As The Washington Post’s Wonkblog observes, the people most likely to benefit from any debt-free college scheme are wealthy and upper middle-class college students and their parents.
About 40 percent of all Americans held any sort of degree beyond a high school diploma (two-year degree, four-year degree, etc.). That 40 percent corresponds very closely with the percentage of Americans in the top 40 percent of income distribution in the United States.
Thus, the criticism goes, debt-free college is likely to be an income perk for rich people who, to whatever extent they need or want income perks, are already considerably better off than all the poor people below them on the economic ladder.
A debt-free college plan involving private colleges and universities could subsidize a multitude of schools with endowments larger than the annual gross-domestic products of many underdeveloped nations.
You can expect to hear it is "Socially Unjust" for students to 'finish college with debt' coming from the mouths of progressives in the coming months. The idea comes from Germany, the highest tax society in Europe, who last year overturned tuition and fees for all universites.  

But some already see this idea, as with the Affordable Care Act, just another democrat polished turd.......
"It is clear in the United States, with annual tuition fees in the $40,000s or $50,000s and millionaire university presidents, that federal subsidies have led to outrageous increases in university spending, as universities, administrators, and faculty enjoy the benefits of captured student loan and grant moneys...." 
And then of course, in the name of fairness,  free college education will eventually be extended to foreign students and illegals, payed for by you, Mr.& Mrs. Taxpayer.