Saturday, May 2, 2015

You Can't Write Satire Like This....

Feminist Organization to Give Award for Embodying Feminism  to 
Overweight, Abusive, Self-centered Pig that Beats Her Boyfriend.  

Miss Piggy With An Award

The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art has announced it will be giving Miss Piggy — the puppet — an award for embodying feminism.
The famous Muppet is scheduled to receive the Sackler Center First Award at the Brooklyn Museum June 4 as one who has “broken gender barriers and made remarkable contributions in their fields.”
Best known for her abrasive personality, narcissism and violent fits of rage, Piggy deservedly joins an august pantheon of extraordinary women who have previously received the award,” said Elizabeth Sackler, the namesake of the award, in a statement. “Miss Piggy embodies exceptional spirit, determination, and grit.”
Speaking with Newsweek, Sackler explained the decision to honor Miss Piggy. 
“In spite of what some people might perceive as obstacles, being a pig, being maybe a little overweight, nonetheless has this extraordinary sense of self.”
She believes Miss Piggy can inspire younger women: 
“Her clear tenacious strength is very inspiring without it being hard; she’s not a harsh strength, she’s just a strong strength. I think that’s very inspirational, especially to young girls who may feel a little bit on the outside of things.”
The June 4 event is scheduled to feature an acceptance speech by Miss Piggy and a 20-minute film highlighting her career. There will also be a discussion with Gloria Steinem, to whom Miss Piggy has been compared in the past.
Come to think of it, overweight, abusive, self-centered narcissus prone to violent fits of rage pretty much describes ever self- admitted feminist I've ever known......