Saturday, June 13, 2015

From This Day Forward...

Bulletin: Middle Finger News Service

Founder & CEO - DMF/ MFNS
MFNS Newsroom - In this day and age when white women can identify as an Indian Native American or even pretend to be black despite their obvious apperance, or a time when men can put on a dress and a little makeup and is said to be courageous for saying he is really a woman, I now do hereby declare that from this day forward, I, Diogenes Sarcastica, shall identify as a Black Female Homosexual.

This will side-step any chance of future self inflicted damage to my esteem due the actions perpetrated by my far distant ancestors on others different from themselves, and also relieves me from apologies or any perceived guilt on my part or others for the color of my skin. And this declaration I make today will also defend against some in society who may make snide remarks about ones normal healthy sexual practices or disdain for ones miraculous ability to procreate without the use of a Turkey Baster.

Now, can anyone recommend any good hair products for a Nubian Princess.......