Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MoveOn.org Abandons Senator Lizzy.

Now that everyone's favorite avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is in the race for the democrat nomination for Prezzy, there seems to be no need for two Communist populist progressives with bad hairdos to share the stage of presidential campaign  history. 

Attendance at "Run Warren Run" events has dwindled from the teens to the single digits as the last vestiges of hippiedom turn their Rascal scooters towards the bright light of Bernie.

Warren's committed cadre of lily-white liberal Democrats who consider themselves experts on knowing how poor people should run their lives have found a new king to serve, and one that is already doing the dirty work of moving Hillary Clinton back to her leftward roots with talk of hunger-inducing deodorant and expensive trainers.
"Six months after launching “Run Warren Run,” a quixotic campaign to draft Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race, the two progressive organizations behind it will call it quits and focus more broadly on a populist agenda in the 2016 presidential race, according to a spokesman.
Democracy for America and MoveOn.org together spent $1.25 million dollars launching the campaign last December and collect a petition with 365,000 signatures asking the senator to run....." Read More
This was, unfortunately, inevitable. Those 365,000 signatories are likely the only people in America who considered Elizabeth Warren a viable candidate. And while there were plenty of attendees willing to share crudite over Marx & Engels, there was never any guarantee that any of them would live to see 2016. 

The last, best hope of Elizabeth Warren's promoters was that the Social Security Administration would miss the sudden demise from old age of many of her most ardent supporters and send their progressive children their absentee ballots anyway.

Even TIME admits that the movement was lead mostly by "blind optimism" , but it was still a movement. A slow-moving one .......perhaps a water aerobics type movement, maybe. Definitely one powered by electric wheelchairs and Ensure.