Friday, June 12, 2015

Obamas Impending Plans for Invasion

Let's see, two weeks in Hawaii for Christmas, a week of spring break vacation to Japan and Cambodia in March and this coming week the First Lady, Moms Robinson and the Obama Daughters will pack up and jet off to London and Milan for honors and some most excellent shoe shopping.  So it should be obvious to 'We The People' what time it is.  It's now time for planning and building anticipation, and to pony up a few more million or so from the Treasury for the next lavish taxpayer funded vacation, of course!

Michelle Obama on the Beach At Martha's Vineyard 2014
Word is, the residents of Martha's Vineyard are preparing for another possible nightmarish invasion of the first family vacationing again this year that some there liken to an "Outbreak of Herpes". Details are in the planning stages for an airlift of the First Family, Moms Robinson, presidential advisors and military servants, about 82% of the Secret Service and sympathetic journalist to the beleaguered island known as "Hollywood East" for a long 10 days or so for inhabitants of the area in early August.

According to the Washington Times:
"The White House began making reservations months ago to accommodate the president's large entourage of family, friends and Secret Service agents and officers, according to reports this week in the Martha's Vineyard Times and the Cape Cod Times.
The White House has yet to confirm the first family's vacation plans but last week, during a Air National Guard presentation, Col. James LeFavor said the president would be flying into Joint Base Cape Cod again this summer, according to the Cape Cod Times....."
In past years, full time residents on Martha's Vineyard have said they feel like they've been subjected to a real ‘whoop-ass’ by the time the President's retinue finally departs, from blocked roads and public areas to leaving the pristine island looking like the remnant of an OWS gang bang and ‘choom’ or a government sponsored Low Info Voter Rally. 

Sitting 5 miles off shore from idyllic Mashpee, Massachusetts, summer satellite office of world news icon 'Middle Finger News Service', the beach chairs and umbrellas of the adoring Cape Cod liberal elite will again be springing up early to claim vantage points to view Marine One flying in the first tribe to ‘The Vineyard’ under cover of fighter aircraft. And there will be a fleet of LSTs to move the convoy of armored Escalades and the President’s “Hope & Change’ Mobile, the one with the bullet and rocket proof glass roof and tinted windows so everyone can see that this president remains the most transparent and loved man of the people ever.

And let's hope the security on Martha's Vineyard is a bit more robust than in the past.