Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh Yeah, Here's Ya a Really Great Idea From Hillary

Ma to Call for at Least 20 days of Early Voting Nationwide

I'm shocked I tell ya.  Ma Clinton is calling for another opportunity to expand democrat election fraud in national elections. But with the success in 2012, this announcement shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone......

"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to call for an early voting period of at least 20 days in every state.
Clinton will call for that standard in remarks Thursday in Texas about voting rights, her campaign said. She will also criticize what her campaign calls deliberate restrictions on voting in several states, including Texas.
The former secretary of state's address at historically-black Texas Southern University in Houston comes as Democrats pursue legal challenges to voting rule changes approved by Republican legislatures in several states. Clinton and her allies claim the changes are aimed at narrowing the electorate in ways that benefit Republicans.
“This is, I think, a moment when we should be expanding the franchise,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said in an interview. “What we see in state after state is this effort by conservatives to restrict the right to vote.”
The legal effort began late last month with lawsuits in Wisconsin and Ohio, both presidential battleground states." - READ MORE 
National Elections should have one standard in all states. Democrats have succeeded, through state controlled legislatures, in every underhanded way to gain an advantage through loosening requirements, questionable voter registration schemes, multiple voting and fighting anything that is proposed to remedy the scourge of voter fraud.  It is their lifeline in a country with over 20 million residents who are not citizens and not by law eligible to vote legally.  

In the case of fair elections, we could learn a thing or two from some of our European some countries voter registration is required to be IN PERSON, and Absentee ballots are allowed only for UNAVOIDABLE TRAVEL REASONS and HEALTH REASONS (such as confined to bed for medical reasons or hospital stays) and voting requires proper identification. 

Two day in person voting, Saturday and Sunday, would remedy many problems with US national elections and help cancel out fraudulent  influences like deceased voters who sometime swing important voter districts.  Just Sayin'.