Friday, June 5, 2015

And This is What He Gets For Trying to Help His Own Community

There’s something going on in black communities across this country that makes them terrifying hellholes, and it ain’t racism. Too many majority black neighborhoods are overrun with lawless scumbags that prey on the residents. This point was illustrated perfectly in Cincinnati recently. A black man who dedicated his life to improving the condition of his neighborhood was severely beaten for his altruistic efforts.
The Root reports that Ronald Moon Jr. came into possession of house his father bought in the neighborhood he grew up in. Rather than sell the property or rent it out, Moon came up with the idea of turning it into a community center. He wanted a place where kids could escape the violence and danger of the streets.
So dedicated to this idea was Moon, that he quit his job to focus full time on turning the house into a safe neighborhood space. The place was run down, so he spent most of his time fixing it up. An effort that was hampered because assholes kept breaking in to steal materials and vandalize the house.
One day, Moon was working at the house when the burglars broke in. They proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Three men and two women gave Moon a beating that left him with gashes and bruises all over his head and arms.
How effed up is that? All this guy was trying to do was help his community and scumbag thugs not only stole from him, but also beat him up.
Moon made an emotional video following the beating and posted it to YouTube. In it he says:
“This is what they did to me. I want to try and do something good for my people. I’m just trying to do the best I can for my people. I’m tired of seeing this hurt. The pain we feel is real. The hurt we feel is real.”
While the media and the screaming activists would have us believe that racist policing tactics are responsible for poor conditions in the ghetto, the reality is these neighborhoods are filled with dangerous predators. The cops didn’t beat up Moon; assholes from the neighborhood did.