Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hillary Could Soon Start to Feel The Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders rode his unicorn into Scott Walker country Wednesday and spoke to a record crowd at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, drawing nearly 10,000 people to yet another packed event. It's just the latest huge crowd for Sanders, who has been polling surprisingly well against Hillary Clinton in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

GOP Billboards Welcoming Sanders and His Leftist Circus to Scott Walker Country

Sanders is campaigning to be the next Barack Obama and finish the job he started of bring the backward US within shouting distance of the rest of Socialist Western Civilization (you know, the one that's crumbling before our eyes). Sanders believes we need paid family leave (12 weeks for moms and their sperm donors) plus two weeks paid vacation for all. Tuition free at state universities, a trillion dollar infrastructure jobs program, and redistribution of wealth taken from working families and middle class by the evil capitalist machine.
Yeah, Old Bernie could cut deep into the Democrat voter base of "gimme sumpthin for free" and cause Hillary to feel some serious Bern between her bare chested lady parts soon, if he keeps the ball rollin'....