Wednesday, August 12, 2015

As If You Need Another Reason to Believe Barack Obama Has No Interest in Defeating Terrorism

US Intervenes in Lawsuit Over Palestinian Terror Attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration has intervened in a lawsuit over Palestinian terror attacks that have killed Americans, advising a judge that requiring a hefty bond payment in the case could financially destabilize the Palestinian government.
The filing comes in a case in New York City, where a jury this year awarded $218.5 million to Americans affected by the attacks in a lawsuit brought against the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority. That amount is automatically tripled under the Anti-Terrorism Act, lawyers have said.
By intervening, the government said it was trying to strike a balance between its support for the rights of terrorism victims to be compensated in court and concerns that a large bond imposed while the verdict is on appeal would weaken the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority and undermine "several decades of U.S. foreign policy." 
Lawyers for the Palestinian Authority have argued that the group is effectively insolvent and have asked the judge, George Daniels, to waive the bond requirement. Gassan Baloul, a lawyer for the Palestinians, said Tuesday that the defendants were studying the government's filing and would respond at a hearing later this month.
And why is the Palestinian Authority insolvent?  Because they spent their massive amounts of foreign aid to feed and educate their people? To build and prosper for their people? To create an engine for an economy that could revival their neighbors, the Jews? No, because the  Palestinian Authority is nothing but terrorist thugs in silk suits, ragheads with $50 hair cuts and large Swiss Bank accounts full of money meant for the people. 

Palestine is still a platform to launch terror. Instead of making peace with Israel, emulating their system of prosperity and progress, they wallow in hate and poverty, spending millions on tunnels and weapons while starving the people to stir hate for those who there ancestors lived among peacefully for centuries. 

Decades of negotiations and handshakes have settled nothing. Every peace agreement has been violated by the PLO. The Palestinian people (who are really nothing but descendent's of Syrians and Jordanians) are pawns in a larger scheme to wipe out their neighbors, who given the peace and security the post WW2 nations promised but refuse to guarantee, would happily help bring the Palestinian into the world community for their sake and theirs.  

The Obama Administration's concerns over the amount of monetary penalties levied against the Palestinian Authority by American courts on behalf of American victims shows a level of integrity and understanding far below that of a man charged with leadership of a country threaten daily by the foreign puppet masters of the Palestinians.