Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just Goes to Show How Easy It Is For Blacks To Feign Outrage Over Just About Anything

Recently a popular magazine ran an article about hair styles for summer. Depicted in the story was a white girl wearing a hair style that set off the black women on that sewer known as Tumblr,  and lit up "Black Twitter" calling out the tutorial for being racially insensitive. 

In this day and age, certain minorities just look for a reason to be outraged at what they refer to as cultural appropriation. They called the hair style, one made increasingly popular in the past by movie stars such as a young Meg Ryan, an appropriation of their black culture. 
"It is not cool for white women to wear black hairstyles. It is not cute. It is not flattering. When white women wear black hairstyles, it's a slap in the face to black women..." 
"There are so many reasons why it's not okay for white women to  wear styles traditionally worn by black women, including Afros, braids and dreadlocks. Black hair is not just hair. There's history and context tied to these styles that cannot be ignored, a historical legacy forever linked to the ongoing cultural remnants of slavery and institutional racism....." 
"A white person who wears these styles dismisses that context and turns black hair into a novelty, a parody, a subtle form of blackface." 
Bitches Please! 

The hair style worn in the picture is 'Corkscrew Curls', or as they call it these days, a 'Twist Out'. It is a style once not uncommon to women throughout history with coarse hair and natural curls, and popular with many young girls I've known of Jewish heritage. The style goes back to ancient times. IT'S NOT AN AFRO!

As for cornrows, the first depiction of this hair style is from the art of the Sumerian and Akkadian cultures, both older civilizations than the High Egyptians (who BTW were a mixed race culture, not black). And hair braids are depicted in the oldest art of almost every culture in the world.  As for dreadlocks, you should read this

Most modern African American cultural references for the most part are inventions of 1960's anti-European Afro-centric scholars who managed to connect anything and everything to slavery and racism. Their lies and propaganda have made it into higher learning by that great institution of affirmative action. 

So now, my outraged protectors of black culture, explain this to me....

Jay Z's Breeder Beyonce Knowles and the Butt Ugly Talentless Nicki Minaj
Funny, I have never heard anyone complain white culture is being hi-jacked by these people, wearing their colored and straighten white hair styles and  French designed clothing.  Should I be equally outraged at these displays as disrespecting my race and culture?

No, because I understand well that the average black women is at a disadvantage, seeing most of the male species of all races generally find black females physically unattractive. 

As for why any white women would want to wear cornrows or dreadlocks is beyond me. They look clownish and incredibly nasty. Yeah, I said it!  And as for my 2 cents on the matter, your silly outrage over hair styles can be reserved for your black culture's own internal consumption, and for your white PC friends who bow at your every disgust with America, because I think it's just more racist nonsense.